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Summer Camp - Introductory Summer Camp - Advanced Summer Camp - Underwater Robotics & Communication Faculty

Summer Camp - Underwater Robotics & Communication

Cost Includes

  • Cost of entire training program including taxes.
  • All exercises and associated software.
  • Study material on CD.
  • Certificate.

Cost: Rs. 3,500/- Inclusive of all taxes (without wet practical).

Cost: Rs. 4,500/- Inclusive of all taxes (including wet practical).

Prerequisites: C/C++ programming.

Dates: 14 Jul 2009 - 16 Jul 2009

Registration Deadline: 30 Jun 2009

Duration: 20 hours of supervised practical and theoretical training.

Venue: New Delhi

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Underwater Robotics
    • History of underwater robotics.
    • Tyes of underwater robots.
    • Applications of underwater robotics.
    • Current and future market scenarios.
  • Robotic Locomotion
    • Surface locomotion.
    • Mid-water locomotion.
    • Bottom locomotion.
    • Unpowered locomotion.
  • Basic Electromechanical Concepts
    • Exoskelleton design methods.
    • Waterproofing.
    • Interfacing sensors and actuators.
    • Calibration and vehicle trimming.
  • Underwater Communication
    • Multi-AUV networks.
    • Optical communication.
    • Acoustic communication.
    • Noise models.
    • Signal attenuation models.
    • Propagation delay profile.
    • Bandwith and capacity.
    • Channel estimation.
    • Underwater networking.
    • Multi-AUV mobile communications.
  • Sensing Systems
    • Computer vision.
    • Active sonar.
    • Passive sonar.
    • 2D and 3D Imaging sonar.
    • Side scan sonar.
    • Navigational arrays.
    • Ultra-short baseline location pingers.
  • Control Strategies
    • Onboard & offboard control.
    • Semi-autonomous control.
    • Remote and autonomous control.

Hands on Projects (Simulated and/or Wet-experiments)

  • Underwater communication networks.
  • Autonomous underwater vehicle control.
  • Underwater object avoidance.
  • Detecting surface bottom profile.
  • Remotely operated vehicle.

Course Description

The summer school on underwater robotics and communication aims to provide students with a sound foundation in theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. The course will provide students insights in to designing and building unmanned underwater vehicles and also utilizing concepts from intelligent systems to make these vehicles autonomous.

Through the course of this summer school the students will have an opportunity to work on practical projects that will utilize simulators and real wet tasks in order to reinforce concepts. They will be taught how to use these academically popular simulators so that they may continue their own further work in the field.

Globally, the underwater robotics industry and academic community is working on complex machines that require in-depth knowledge of a variety of fields ranging from computer science and electronics engineering to mechanical engineering and telecommunications engineering. This course will equip students with the basic tenets of all these fields as applicable to the design of unmanned submersible vehicles.

The Faculty

The faculty of this course has been educated in the USA, India and other countries; in fact, some are currently even pursuing a PhD in Europe as well. Having won many international meritorious awards in the fields of intelligent systems and robotics, this diverse group of individuals is highly qualified to train students in this field. Moreover, experience in conducting various workshops in USA and India has given the faculty world-class experience in ensuring the highest levels of academic excellence throughout the course. Furthermore, students stand to benefit from this dynamic and highly talented faculty through the active research programs of IURS, in which they are involved, as well. This faculty has won numerous international awards, published many papers and holds various patents in their relevant fields.

Click here for more information on the faculty.

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