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IURS Membership

Think; Question; Enquire; Learn; Create - are five activities and a process that are the heart of the membership program that IURS has developed for students and professionals alike. It is the belief of every IURS core team member that an individual's purpose in life is to learn through an inquisitive mindset and to use their talents to create solutions that touch people's lives.

The founders of IURS having faced the problems of lack of guidance and mentorship in the field of robotics are determined to not let other interested students and hobbyists get discouraged due to the same issues. The membership program has thus been designed in order to provide members with the ability to gain access to technical information, tutorials, networking opportunities, low priced kits, workshops, career development opportunities and many other exclusive benefits.

Knowledge & Eduation - Through various modes of education, online and offline, IURS membership provides its members the opportunity to learn about the field of robotics and intelligent systems and further their technical skills usable in a wide variety of technology related professions.

Members receive guidance in their research projects not only from the IURS Research & Development Team but also from a panel of national and international expert members' advisors committee who essentially act as mentors to the students and assist in their project and career development in order to ensure a brighter future.

IURS members will also have exclusive access to a soon-to-be launched digital library that will boast a collection of tutorials, articles and technical papers related to the field unrivalled by any library, digital or physical, within India. Community - Not just this, but with a fast spreading community of students and professionals, members will have access to chapters in their local areas that organize special robotics events ranging from competitions and workshops to international speaker meets and special research projects.

As such, members will have the opportunity to volunteer for leadership positions within local chapters, or attend international conferences with highly qualified and accomplished international speakers at reduced costs in order to meet industry leaders and practitioners, encounter the latest research, and present and publish their own papers to an international audience.

Not just this, but members will also be able to purchase robotics kits and parts through IURS at considerably high discounted prices as compared to any other suppliers within India. Access to free workshops across the country will provide the best opportunity to learn from experienced teachers, practitioners and researchers.

Professional & Academic Development - Furthermore, IURS is developing research programs for exclusively for its members and setting up fellowship and scholarship funds in order to aid the studies and work of highly motivated research scholars.

Professional development for members is also a key area of IURS' membership program's strength because we not only provide summer training, internship and research project opportunities for our members but are currently in talks with a few interational agencies to conduct exchange programs that would allow our members to work abroad within their organizations in order to gain experience. IURS also assists in highly sought after placement services to its members and has a good track record of succeeding in placing students in reputable organizations.

More information about our membership program is available within these pages, however, this program is geared towards developing professional and academic skills of students while encouraging an inquisitive nature in order to promote research activities by providing research opportunities to students.

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